Check It Out! My Work Got Commended!

The new was listed as one of the Top 5 Leasing Websites in N.A.

The website I control at TimePayment Corp. was recently listed as one of the Top 5 Leasing Company Websites in North America.

AmazingAngelaD getting the autograph of Hulk Hogan

YouTube Caption Fails

YouTube Captions Fail - Friday by Rebecca Black written as "fried egg"

YouTube automatic captions aren’t quite accurate enough yet. Although bogus captions are great for laughs, they’re bad for your business. Here’s why.


Ecommerce SEO Talk on Coffee with Catalyst

Ecommerce SEO Talk - Coffee with Catalyst ft. Angela Davis
Social Media Monitoring Webinar

Social Media Monitoring with Listening Channels

The slideshow was so popular, it was selected by a Slideshare curator to be in the “Featured” gallery on the Slideshare home page. Due to social buzz, it was also featured in the “Hot on Facebook” gallery.