Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website (and other digital assets) so that you can gain higher local search engine rankings. It is estimated that over a third of all searches in 2014 will be local and when you include non geo-targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears 50%! Learn local SEO tips here.

How to Dominate Local Search Results- a LogicClassroom Webinar Recording

LOCAL SEO: How to Dominate Search Results

For local businesses, to stay on top of the competition (and search engine results!), you need to learn how to optimize your online presence for Local Search. Learn how with this free webinar.


Facebook has the Hot Potato- Foursquare’s Out!

Facebook Places

Facebook recently announced a new geolocation feature for its users, Facebook Places. But how does Facebook Places work? How will this new feature be implemented and effect user privacy? How can Business Owners capitalize on Facebook Places?