I decided to create a blog category entitled "#SEOBattle" for when I am comparing the SEO benefits and drawbacks of competing products and platforms. If you have a request for an #SEOBattle post - let me know!

Social Media Monitoring Webinar

Social Media Monitoring with Listening Channels

The slideshow was so popular, it was selected by a Slideshare curator to be in the “Featured” gallery on the Slideshare home page. Due to social buzz, it was also featured in the “Hot on Facebook” gallery.


iSpot.tv vs. YouTube for Commercial SEO

iSpot.tv vs. YouTube for Commercial Video SEO

Is iSpot.tv better than YouTube for Commercial SEO? iSpot Who? I vaguely recall seeing past TechCrunch articles talking about how a startup called iSpot.tv has been raising rounds of funding and collecting a repository of TV commercials, essentially creating an IMDb for television ads. I remember thinking that if it worked, it would be a… read more »


Flavors.me vs. WordPress

AmazingAngelaD on Flavors.me screeenshot

Welcome To The New Amazing Angela D. Website! Welcome to my new website!  After years of working on other people’s websites for a living, I decided to create my own site – so here it is! I’m going to be writing about all things online marketing (and also about integrating online & offline marketing strategies)…. read more »