eCommerce SEO Strategies eBook

I’m very happy to announce the release of my first ebook! E-Commerce SEO Strategies: Mastering the Art of Online Retail. Download your FREE COPY HERE!


“Royals Sad Clown Cover” YouTube Viral Video Lessons screenshot

Over 2.25 million views in only 4 days. Exactly 2,265,345 views when I began drafting this blog post on Nov. 4th (and I find myself playing it over and over again as I write.)  Just to give you an idea of how fast this video is “going viral”, I found a blog dated just yesterday (Nov…. read more »


#MozCon 2013

Me & Roger Robot at MozCon 2013

  Five Reasons Why MozCon is Amazing In My Book: 1.  Moz gets a large variety of industry experts (real experts doing innovative, stuff to help their clients) to present.  They’re not even afraid of inviting competitors, they just want the best of the best. 2.  Check out the MonzCon2013 Agenda here & DOWNLOAD THE… read more »


Ultimate Holiday SEO Checklist: E-Commerce SEO for the Holidays


The final post in a six part Holiday SEO series, including the Ultimate Holiday SEO Checklist of ecommerce SEO To-Do’s this holiday season. Did you do everything on the list?


Integrating SEO with PPC, Social + Email Marketing: E-Commerce SEO for the Holidays


In the 5th installment of this series I show you how to use your SEO campaign as a base for your Email, Social, and PPC marketing for the holidays.