YouTube is the world's second most popular social networking website. As of January 2015, YouTube had over 1 billion unique visitors per month - with over 6 billion hours of video watched each month. YouTube's features for users and businesses are constantly changing (especially since Google bought it). You have to stay on top of these changes to get the most out of YouTube. Read the blog posts below to learn about leveraging YouTube as part of your online marketing strategy.


YouTube Caption Fails

YouTube Captions Fail - Friday by Rebecca Black written as "fried egg"

YouTube automatic captions aren’t quite accurate enough yet. Although bogus captions are great for laughs, they’re bad for your business. Here’s why.


Ecommerce SEO Talk on Coffee with Catalyst

Ecommerce SEO Talk - Coffee with Catalyst ft. Angela Davis
post vs. YouTube for Commercial SEO vs. YouTube for Commercial Video SEO

Is better than YouTube for Commercial SEO? iSpot Who? I vaguely recall seeing past TechCrunch articles talking about how a startup called has been raising rounds of funding and collecting a repository of TV commercials, essentially creating an IMDb for television ads. I remember thinking that if it worked, it would be a… read more »


“Royals Sad Clown Cover” YouTube Viral Video Lessons screenshot

Over 2.25 million views in only 4 days. Exactly 2,265,345 views when I began drafting this blog post on Nov. 4th (and I find myself playing it over and over again as I write.)  Just to give you an idea of how fast this video is “going viral”, I found a blog dated just yesterday (Nov…. read more »