If your goals are to increase sales (or signups / lead capture) and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, you need a marketing strategy. I love created integrated marketing strategies that optimize the consumer experience throughout the conversion funnel. Read the blog posts below for tips and tricks for creating your own marketing strategy.


TV Shows with Creative Merchandising Concepts

Unauthorized Breaking Bad Merch on Etsy

As a marketer and a consumer, I really appreciate when TV shows have merchandising that’s a little more unique and inspired – as well as targeted and relevant to the context of the show. These days, with TV more popular than ever, great examples abound.


Visit the New TimePayment.com

TimePayment.com Home Page 2016

See highlights from my latest website redesign project for TimePayment.com.


The Real Don Draper – Who Made the Coke Ad?

The Real Don Draper Mad Men - Who Made the Coke Ad

The final scene of Mad Men implies Don Draper went on to create the iconic “Hilltop” Coke commercial. Who’s actually responsible for the ad in real life?


Ecommerce SEO Talk on Coffee with Catalyst

Ecommerce SEO Talk - Coffee with Catalyst ft. Angela Davis
Social Media Monitoring Webinar

Social Media Monitoring with Listening Channels

The slideshow was so popular, it was selected by a Slideshare curator to be in the “Featured” gallery on the Slideshare home page. Due to social buzz, it was also featured in the “Hot on Facebook” gallery.