I have experience working with everything from start-ups and local small businesses to global Fortune 500 companies.  Here is a list of some of the brands and companies I’ve worked with in the past, whether directly contracted or through my employers.

I’ve also had exposure to many more companies and industries through my competitive research for clients / potential clients, and partnership agencies.


  • TimePayment Corp.
    TimePayment Corp.
  • Blue Moon Grill Restaurant
    Blue Moon Grill Restaurant Wakefield MA
  • Foul Mouth Jerk
    Foul Mouth Jerk album promotion
  • Niki Luparelli
    Niki Luparelli
  • Focal Impulse Studio
    Focal Impulse Studio
  • Catalyst
    Catalyst Search Marketing (now Catalyst Digital) logo
  • Olay
    Olay beauty
  • Covergirl
    COVERGIRL Makeup
  • Secret
    Secret deodorant
  • DDF Skincare
    DDF Skincare
  • My Black is Beautiful
    My Black is Beautiful
  • Orgullosa
  • FSH Society
    FSH Society
  • GovDelivery
  • Crush Boutique
    Crush Boutique
  • Boston Logic
    Boston Logic logo
  • Waltham Watch Factory
    The Waltham Watch Factory
  • Jack Conway, Realtor
    Jack Conway, Realtor
  • Warren Residential
    Warren Residential
  • Gibson Sotheby’s
    Gibson Sotheby's International Realty
  • CL Waterfront Properties
    CL Waterfront Properties LLC
  • Windwalker Real Estate
    Windwalker Real Estate
  • Windwalker Rentals
    Windwalker Rentals
  • Boston Realty Advisors
    Boston Realty Advisors (BRA)
  • FP3 Boston
    FP3 Boston
  • Metro Realty Corp.
    Metro Realty Corp.
  • Nectar Real Estate
    Nectar Real Estate
  • Fenix BJJ
    Fenix BJJ School
  • Adam Tobin
    Law Offices of Adam J. Tobin
  • Physician Management
    Physician Management LTD
  • E-pill
    E-pill medication dispensers & medical devices
  • Berkeley Investments, Inc.
    Berkeley Investments, Inc.
  • Yogi Joe
    Yogi Joe
  • Zaang