Social Media Monitoring with Listening Channels

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This is a LogicClassroom I originally created when I was the Marketing Services Manager at Boston Logic. I posted the original slideshow to the BL Slideshare account in June of 2012; it has received over 2,301 views to-date. (see the original post here.)

The slideshow was so popular, it was selected by a Slideshare curator to be in the “Featured” gallery on the Slideshare home page. Due to social buzz, it was also featured in the “Hot on Facebook” gallery.

As a result of being featured, I was contacted by the Internet Marketing Club ( to present this Slideshare as a guest speaker for their ongoing webinar series in July 2012.

This is just the slideshow presentation from the webinar, so, you will not be able to see the additional live demos I gave of the tools during my presentation to IMC. You’ll have to become a member of the Internet Marketing Club to access the full video of the webinar in the Wednesday Webinar Series archives on their website.

I encourage you to check out my other presentations and the great resources at the Internet Marketing Club.


Social Media is an important part of establishing a web presence for any company. However, engaging in Social Media (and monitoring your results) takes time, and you don’t have a lot of it!

In this webinar I talked about how to create ‘Listening Channels’ so you can more easily monitor your brand, products, industry, employees, competition, and more!

Watch and learn how to create custom listening dashboards and email alerts, respond to feedback in the most appropriate way, and use what you learn to help you drive your social media and marketing strategy.

I compared popular tools like HootSuite, iGoogle, Netvibes, and more. Unfortunately, iGoogle was discontinued shortly after this webinar, but that doesn’t make the rest of the information any less amazing!

The theories and strategies shared are still very relevant to marketers and business owners today. Be sure to subscribe to me / follow me across the top social media sites and subscribe to my blog so you’ll get my reviews on the latest online marketing industry tools and trends.

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