Facebook is the world's most popular social networking website. As of September 2014, Facebook.com had 864 million daily active users on average (703 million of them mobile), and 1.35 billion monthly active users (1.12 billion of them mobile). Facebook's features for users and businesses are constantly changing. You have to stay on top of these changes to get the most out of Facebook. Read the blog posts below to learn about leveraging Facebook as part of your online marketing strategy.

Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Marketing Your Business on Facebook:

Learn how to create and manage a Facebook page for your business, how to manage your settings, gain and engage an audience, and more useful Facebook tips in this webinar.


Facebook has the Hot Potato- Foursquare’s Out!

Facebook Places

Facebook recently announced a new geolocation feature for its users, Facebook Places. But how does Facebook Places work? How will this new feature be implemented and effect user privacy? How can Business Owners capitalize on Facebook Places?


Like, What’s the Deal with All These “Like” Buttons?

Levis.com- Facebook Like Button 2

Facebook’s new ‘Like’ buttons explained, in plain English. Like Buttons are now popping up all over the web, not just on Facebook. This blog explains how they work!”

Leveraging Facebook for Business - Logic Classroom

A presentation on Leveraging Facebook for your business and utilizing the most recent Privacy Setting changes on Facebook to protect your employees and encourage them to interact with your page.