LinkedIN Marketing for Yourself & Your Business

In 2011 I co-hosted a webinar about Marketing Yourself and Your Business on LinkedIn for the customers / potential new customers of my employer at the time, Boston Logic Technology Partners. Below, you can watch the webinar on-demand via YouTube. Although this is from 2011 and the LinkedIn UI has changed a lot since then, the tips on profile optimization and networking are still very relevant and useful for LinkedIn users today.

Boston Logic is an online marketing and SaaS firm focusing on the real estate industry. The users of Boston Logic's proprietary all-in-one platform were real estate agents who were learning about digital marketing for the first time, so we began hosting regular monthly "LogicClassrooms" on various topics to assist them with adopting our technology and learning how to promote their businesses via the web. In this webinar, we cover the steps to creating and optimizing both a personal and company profile, how to expand your network of connections, and best practices in leveraging your network to market your business, and yourself, more effectively.

It's no wonder that this video was so popular, earning over 9,500 organic (unpaid) views on YouTube!