Portfolio: Focal Impulse

Focal Impulse Studio

The Focal Impulse Experience

In 2009, I founded a boutique alternative photo studio with a mission: to give everyday women a truly glamorous and luxurious “model-for-a-day” experience, to boost their confidence, and to let them have a little fun “playing dress-up.”

Over and over again, our customers were delighted to realize that they are just as beautiful as the celebrities they admire in magazines once they get the same treatment (professional hair & makeup, lighting & posing, and Photoshop retouching).

Watch the video below to see highlights from a real Focal Impulse customer’s photo shoot experience- and the final results. Scroll down to learn more about my work on this project, tour our old website, and view samples of products and packages I designed for this business.

“I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford!”

-Cindy Crawford

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I built this company from the ground up, utilizing self-directed strategies, and did so entirely during flex time. I created our mission statement, branding & messaging; promoted and managed all events; and was responsible for maintaining our sales pipeline and our client and vendor relationships. My work on this project also included:

  • Creating & implementing online marketing & lead generation strategies
    (SEO, social media, blogger outreach & networking, email marketing, paid promotions)
  • Writing all content for website pages, blog posts, social posts, customer guides, company correspondence, etc.
  • Logo design, branding, messaging; designed all advertisements & web graphics
  • Designing custom gift products including layouts, selecting materials & vendors (custom faux magazines, boudoir books and calendars, CDs, folios, wall art, and more), including setting pricing and packaging
  • Creating service packages, including pricing & designing promotional offers
  • Acting as client liaison, responsible for communications, scheduling, sales & CRM
  • Event planning including vendor and venue relationship management
  • Accounting, business management, employee management
  • Acting as photo shoot stylist, modeling coach, and second photographer


~ Focal Impulse Studio is now closed. Thank you to our loyal customers! ~