Below is a collection of where to find my work across the web.  You can also check out videos and slideshows on YouTube and Slideshare.


eCommerce SEO Strategies eBook

eCommerce SEO Strategies | Mastering the Art on Online Retail eBook

This free ebook is jam-packed with tips on technology and tools, content and social strategies, best-in-class examples, resources, and more!

I am a contributing author on this ebook.  Can you guess which sections I wrote?


Blog Posts:

Blog posts from when I worked at Catalyst (2012-2014). 

Check out my most recent collection of blog posts and infographics, created while working for an agency who’s clients are Fortune 500 companies.  My posts tended to focus on eCommerce SEO and CPGs (Consumer Packaged Goods) marketing.

Angela Davis author page on Catalyst Company Blog

My bio page on Catalyst Company Blog


My blog posts from when I worked at Boston Logic (2010-2012). 

Check out blog posts, slideshows, and video webinars I created during my time at Boston Logic.  A lot of the content I created for Boston Logic was intro-level “how-to’s” about social media, SEO, and blogging and I tended to use a lot of examples of how to apply my tips to real estate marketing and personal branding because Boston Logic’s primary client base was real estate agencies and agents.

Angela Davis bio page on the Boston Logic blog

My bio page on the Boston Logic blog


My blog posts for (2010-2012).

When I started at Boston Logic, the company actually had three different websites / blogs.  One for the main company –, one for the software it created –, and one targeting real estate agents and brokers that were interested in real estate SEO –

This was a strategy I recommended against when I joined the company for many reasons.  We eventually consolidated two out of the three websites (and it was a great success!), but the third site has yet to be merged (and probably never will be).  You can still find my author page and blog posts on this domain:

Angela Davis bio page on RealEstateSEO1 blog

My bio page on the RealEstateSEO1 blog